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It’s that time of year again…..Happy New Year!

Right about now, all sorts of news stories are printed about the triumphs of the year.  I however,  with my contrary streak, am going to display my biggest flops of the year. It helps me to remember I can fail, and I hope it helps beginning artists not to be discouraged.  Everyone screws up now and then.dancing






"Ferris Wheel"


So goodbye to the failures of 2014, and welcome to the triumphs of 2015.  And probably a few flops in 2015, too.

Another day of leisure

I’m still enjoying not having to go into the museum. I am going to have to go to put in my resignation, however.
In the meantime, I’ve been working on a sketch for a larger drawing. This is the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. I think in terms of magic lands, so popular in literature and myths. What’s more magic than an amusement park?"Wonder Wheell"

Of course, many of my drawings are available as prints and notecards at Zazzle.