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One of my friends calls this the “Psycho House”. I guess I can understand that. Maybe,you can see Norman Bates’ mother in the attic.  That was not the intention of the drawing.  The idea was the house’s windows were reflecting the dawn’s rosy colors.  I always think of Psycho, now.  Or an episode of the “Twilight Zone”, might be more appropriate.

So, happy endings sometimes get turned around. I was waiting for both my artist’s block and the holiday season to end, and they did. on January 2nd, I was celebrating the return of normal life.  Then on January 3rd, I fell and broke my right wrist.

I can’t write my name, let alone draw.  A plot twist to be sure. I’m hunt and peck typing this, and I can still click a mouse. I went through my media library looking for more episodes of the “Twilight Zone”.20180131_0954261172938724.jpg







Rod Serling, where are you when I need you?!


I’ll be back in a few weeks.

Don’t Call ME and old dog

Okay, I confess.  I’m not the most tech savvy person there is.  There was a time a long time ago, when I was ahead of the curve.  Now, I’m panting, huffing puffing, trying to keep up with the pack.

Smartphones are a blessing and a curse.

Having moved out of my old abode, the camera I have on my smartphone is all I’ve got.  And my laptop.  So, how does a person take beautiful, accurate pictures of her artwork, when she doesn’t have a clue?

I practice.  And I try.  And I beg your (the reader) forgiveness in the meantime.  Like all the old TV networks used to say “We are experiencing technical difficulties.  Please stay tuned”.

So, I’m trying to give you a pic of the sketch of “Embracing My Inner Kitten”.  This is the best I can do for now.