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A decisive victory!

When last you saw me, I was babbling on about a decision of what to do next with my artwork. So, I’ve made a decision, and I’ll start babbling about that now.

Like the New York City evening skyline, there’s another subject that’s been haunting me.  Again, it’s right outside my window. (Maybe I should stop looking out the window).  And again, I’ve made multiple tries at capturing it, and much to my frustration (and disappointment) fallen short of the mark.

What I’m talking about is the sycamore tree out in front of this house I live in.  Here are examples of what I’ve done in the past.









I have yet to do a picture of it in winter against an azure blue sky….so, I’m going to do a small version of that.  If that works out, I’ll do a big version.  I can do that in bits and pieces as the bitty pieces of time allow.  That’s because : It’s not about the finished product, it’s the Process.  More on that later.