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I’m Not Really Sure About This

Well, actually, at the moment..there are a lot of things I’m not sure about.  However, in this case, I mean the drawing.

One thing I do like, that I didn’t even plan, is that I put a staircase going up to the rainbow, in the foreground.  Seriously, I didn’t even notice, while I was wildly snapping pictures of the rainbow from a moving train, that I caught that.  When went over the pictures to select something for reference, I still didn’t notice it.  Finally, when I was drawing it, then I saw

That I put a way to get up to the rainbow.

Otherwise, the handling of it?  It’s not as stupendous a sight as a rainbow actually is.  So, because of that, I’m not all that happy. I’ve given a viewer a way to get to the rainbow, but it’s a pretty mediocre rainbow.

Okay, I’ve given this rainbow picture two chances.  Do I need a third one to make that proverbial charm?  Maybe.

Like the first one, maybe I’ll put this aside for a while.



Thank God it’s Monday.  I know that may not be popular among people who work Monday through Friday, but I have worked all weekend.  I’m off tomorrow and Wednesday.  So, I’m being contrary and what else is new?

I didn’t get much time to do artwork….but I am working on Making Peace with January.  It features a seagull against a cloudy sky.  My mother, who was always tuned into nature said seagulls only come inland when there’s going to be a storm.  Her wisdom seems to be true.  Again, though, seagulls are one of the few birds that are around here in the winter.

The idea was to have a white outline of a seagull against a cloudy sky.  Well, in the sketch I did that….and it turned out horribly depressing looking.  My intention is to spread good vibes, so a totally depressing sketch is totally….wrong.  So, I quickly did some edges of light coming around the clouds.  It’s smudged, it’s dirty, it’s done dirt cheap….but at least it will give you an idea.

I also made the seagull too large….looks like an albatross.  More seagull like proportions to come.