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venus and mars are alright, tonight

For those of you who caught my short-lived, remarkably self absorbed post the other day,  I apologize.

But an update, the featured picture “A Western Tao”, is alright after all.  Much to everyone’s surprise, my artwork survived the flood waters.

It’s a drawing of a man and a woman.  Every remember the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”?  This drawing could be an illustration for that. Which brings us to a  quote from a Paul McCartney song:

“Venus and Mars are alright tonight”

Which cleverly segways us into my latest drawing.

Remember I was drawing a picture of the night sky and the Milky Way?  I was struggling to find a good name for it. So I finally decided on a title:

Venus and Mars are Alright Tonight


I had the start of another drawing, but realized it was an image that belonged to my winter depression.  So, my next drawing will be about spring.


Typos and all!

Tis Spring

And love is in the air.  Frankly, I can think of nothing more healing than a partner in your life to support you, have fun with, grow old with. Or even a good cry at a romantic movie.

So, here’s the sketch…no name yet.

If this looks a little familiar, it should.  I took my Disco! dancer, and gave her a partner.  For those of you who are new to reading this blog, I’ll repost it.



So. love and happiness to all!

I hate being put on hold…

Things are on hold for a while. My day job got unbearable, so I quit. So, now my energy is being taken looking for a new job. Although I have a lot of time, I can’t seem to focus on my art work.

I may take the plunge! If no job offers come in soon, I might set myself up on some tourist crowded street in Manhattan, and sell inexpensive reproductions of my work. I figured out a way to make matted 5×7’s for $2, and I can sell them at $5. And who knows, maybe someone will want the original.

One problem though….some of my most popular images I no longer have possession of. And the only high-res files I have of them are on an old picture CD from 1997. Yes, last millenium. They were such an old file type, that none of my programs could open them. Then my awesome boyfriend found a way. Did I mention that my boyfriend is awesome?

So, once again, I can bring to life these oldies to people who would enjoy them.



Ladies and Gentlemen! The long awaited comeback of “A Shaman’s Bear”, and “A Western Tao”.