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I Don’t Feel as if There’s Enough Time for All This…

I’m talking about the holidays.  Really, now, how many themes can you make on a winter landscape?   I’m spending time watching videos on YouTube of good old rock music, instead of drawing.  And…I’m getting impatient.  I feel a rush of creativity, but not enough time.

I’m looking back at music, and how much it’s meant to me.  I’m looking back at a drawing I did of a musician a couple of years ago.   For those of you who know it, it’s called “John’s Love Ballad”.  For those of you who don’t know it, well, it’s still called “John’s Love Ballad”, but it’s new to you…



I’ll get through again, this year, I always do.


Some people want to fill the world with drawings of people singing silly love songs

Finished “Love Ballad”, it went way more quickly than “Floral Overload”, and I’m just as pleased with it.  I worked using the direction of the pencil strokes to convey movement and sound.  So, here ’tis:



So, now what?

I admit, I ran up against a brick wall when it came to ideas.  Not surprising, since I’m mildly depressed.

So, I decided to take on a project I hadn’t had time for….a self portrait.  In the middle of a clinical depression is probably not the best time to do one, but what the hell. I need it for promotion…make a new logo.

I’m also thinking in terms of what I’m accomplishing in terms of healing with my art.  I’m still doing upbeat and soothing images, that’s not going to change.  But I think to do some real action, I’m going to give a percentage of my profits when (if!) I sell a work to charity.

As a matter of fact, I have my dream set up.  I start a non-profit, selling my work and licensed products, and out of the proceeds, pay myself and an assistant a modest salary….the rest of the money going to various charities.  Ah, dreams.  For those who believe in it, send good energy.