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I was sitting with an elderly friend at the bus stop.  He looked around mentioned, “People used to drive around in boxes, like the model T.  Then the cars had curves, and now, people are driving in boxes again”.

As I watched the SUVs going by……I had to agree with him.

But back to drawing and driving (I don’t recommend doing both at the same time), I started reminiscing about all the cars that were hanging out past their prime in my parents yard.   Cars that are considered classics now.

I have to both laugh and cry when I see a car from the 1970’s considered classic.  Damn !  I remember those cars! They’re part of my childhood.

"Classic Car"

I started this drawing for some reason I don’t remember, and then I abandoned it for some reason I also don’t remember.  Looking back on it, I realize I had a start on something that could be quite appealing.

I was looking for something to draw, and found it.


There’s a wonderful old Ford, in the back parking lot of this condominium complex.  It presents an emotionally enjoyable drawing challenge.

Here’s the first step, without much background or context.


I promise I haven’t spoiled the surprise of the finished work. And you know I keep my promises.

I Don’t Like It

Phooey!  Dammit, damn, damn  and damn, again!

I really don’t like the way this turned out.


It was supposed to be carefree…..but to me, it looks sloppy and lazy.  The piece of fecal matter I mentioned before.  I really had wanted it to come out like this:




Or even this!



Here I’ve done two tries on this drawing…both utter failures.  I may make a do-over in the future, but not now.

I’m too frustrated.

And now I’m feeling insecure about choosing the next subject…will I have the drive, to do what I want?


Drive, get it?

Well, at least I kept my promise.