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Hurray! I Got Rejected!

I finally bit the bullet, and sent out an application to a gallery.  I got a polite note back, saying my work was not a fit for the gallery.  Also, the note said, that my information would be kept on file, in case there was a change. (Yeah, right?)

So, why “Hurray!”?  I’m celebrating that I got past my fear of rejection, and actually tried.  You know what?  It wasn’t that bad.  I felt a pang of disappointment, but that was gone, within 10 minutes.

However, back to the subject…..birds. Or more precisely, crows.  I’ve fallen in love with crows now that I’ve moved back to Connecticut.  In New York City, they were noisy scavengers, who tore apart garbage bags.  In other words, a general nuisance.

But here, they’re beautiful.  They’re the only birds I could see that braved the snowfall.  Their flight is graceful, and their presence is formidable.

So, Windback Wednesday….here’s a visit to a drawing I made about a year ago, when I was coming to terms with winter in Connecticut.

Not quite a murder

The collective noun for crows is a murder.  I have only two here.  To be called a murder, I think it would need to have a lot more.  But, who’s counting?

(I’m leaving for a moment to hang my head in shame.  Short of sleep, I resorted to the easiest form of humor, a bad pun.  I’m truly sorry).

Back again.  I’ve been conversing with a reader about animals that mate for life.  Sometimes, I think I should have a Jungian psychiatrist look at my work.  Mating for life; and crows?  Must mean something.




This looks pretty true to the mood of view outside my kitchen window on a foggy morning.  I like it.


I feel a cat drawing coming on.  Meet Pumpkin.