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There is Nothing You Can Name, That is Anything Like the Flu

Greetings, friends…

Facebook is letting me know that I’m letting my followers down.  Sorry about that.  Truth is, I’ve had the flu!  It’s hard to concentrate on drawing, art, and making sense of things in general, when you’re coughing your throat up, and your sinuses are as clogged as The Long Island Expressway at rush hour.

Not to mention, that the almighty dollar has been elusive these days.  I’ve been job hunting, too.

So, here’s a drawing of my flu, with fever:


And here’s the logjam on the job hunt:


Now you have it!  An interpretive illustration of my past week.  Better days coming.

When life throws you a curve ball, make lemonaide

Hello Folks,

WordPress is not as insistent as Facebook at least, which reminds me EVERY DAY, how long it is since I’ve posted.  So, thanks for being patient, WordPress, and thanks to my followers, too.

There’s a good reason why I haven’t posted.  I haven’t done any artwork, except a version of the couple dancing, which will be shown on the worst of 2015, on New Year’s Eve 2016.  Believe me, it belongs there.

I will rework it, but I have no art materials.  The reason is, when you have no money, you can’t buy art materials.    And the final reason you don’t have money is that you have left your job, without one in the works to go to.

I am employed again now, so art supplies are on order.

So, some oldies but goodies, in the meantime.





Maybe Life IS a Series of Overflowing Toilets….

Yesterday, a FB friend quoted someone as saying “Life is a series of overflowing toilets”. Such negative thinking (or so I implied) compounds itself. But right now, life ain’t going so well.

Just got over a case of the flu, so I’m sure that’s tainting my outlook. I’ve put a lot of things up on Ebay, but I think that’s an act of desperation, and sending out the wrong signals to The Powers That Be, or whatever you believe.

Anyway, artwork is going slow. So, I bring you a repeat of the drawing I did a long time ago, as a positive visualization to get money. It’s called, Wealth.