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I love Rock N Roll, so put another 99 cents in my iPod, Baby

So, I’ve started on …what’s the name?  Too many to choose from.  The rock singer.  As I originally thought, I’d do a loud colorful drawing, somewhat in the same vein as this that I did a long time ago.




But it’s the time of year when I turn mellow and sentimental.  I call it the bittersweet time of year.  It’s the time left of summer between Labor Day, and the Equinox.  So, a mellower type of healing appealed to me.

So, perhaps “Love Ballad” will be its title.  Tranquility, reflection and all that good stuff.

Here’s the sketch.


Going once……

A while back, some of you may remember me doing a drawing of an MS Bike Race for the MS Society of Connecticut’s silent auction.  To refresh your memory:



My good friend, Greg, put a bid on it….and I supposed that would be the only bid I’d get.  But no!  Greg was outbid.  I don’t know how much it went for….would love to find out.  Anyway, here’s the drawing on display at the event.




This was in a room where we were being served drinks and hors d’oevres.  I had a couple of glasses of wine and started taking pictures that I thought would be fascinating for this blog.  So, for a laugh, here they are….and a good representation of what alcohol can do to your judgement.


Despite this, I resisted the time-worn obsession of taking a picture of my food.

It was an interesting night.  One thing on the live auction was an electric guitar, used and signed by Paul McCartney.  I wanted just to touch it, but I didn’t have the nerve.

I don’t know how well the rest of the artwork in the silent auction fared….one was a drawing by Bono, which to me looked incredibly like one of the very original and humorous drawings by the late Beatle, John Lennon.  Oh, well.

So, thanks to my friends, Greg and Cathy….and to the rest of you, have a Happy Holiday!