• Taking a second look

    Taking a second look

    So,it’s kind of like this…and I am sure that all of you go through this, no matter what you do…. Finding something that you discarded as totally, totally awful, then deciding it’s not so bad. As is the case with this. See,I hated the damn thing so much that I didn’t delicately trim it. Looking…

  • Do it again, again

    Do it again, again

    Okay,  I really should give it some time  before I post a drawing I’ve finished.  There’s something about posting it, for all, the world to see, to show off my mistakes.  Ooops. So, as I  looked at “Winter Horse Farm”, I realized, once again, it was too stark and uninteresting.  So, this is what it…

  • Hit the Road, Rox…..

    Hit the Road, Rox…..

      I’m really looking forward to Spring. I probably said that last year, and the year before…..but it bears repeating.  C’mon Spring. I thought about it and I miss doing art fairs.  I managed to score a white tent on Ebay, and as time goes on find creatively inexpensive display items. i finally found a…

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