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Just what you’ve been waiting to see!



Oooops, wrong picture…that’s my messy easel.  Let’s try it again:






Okay, not t he best photo in the world, it has a hot spot, but at least I try.  Anyway, this is the drawing that’s going into the silent auction.  If you’re in the Connecticut area May 3, stop in….lots of fun for the children, and fun for adults, too.  And you’d be supporting  a good cause.  That’s Pony Rides for a Purpose, the Facebook link is posted in the previous post.


Okay, this is a little anti-climactic, but here’s the preliminary sketch.


Just to mention, it’s snowing here.  AGAIN!

Time to Crawl Back into the Hole…

Finished.  Well before the deadline.  Now I have some time between this and the canvas for Aidan has a Posse, to do something for myself.  The idea of a singer which appealed to me originally, is not clicking, now.  Kwan Yin?   Maybe…..

Anyway, the finish of “Winged Foal” for Pony Rides for a Purpose.


Taking a Break and Rehoming a Tiger

I’ve been working pretty steadily on the project for the college students, and frankly, I’m getting really bored with it.  There’s not too long to go with it, so I decided to take a break and work on the winged foal.   Here’s where it stands:



Cheers to Art


As rehoming a  tiger, do any of you remember “Tiger in the Jungle’, from last summer?  To refresh your memory:


The link above shows where the drawing will be going…..a silent auction to support a children’s garden in Richmond, VA.  I still have small print of “Tiger in the Jungle”, that I will be able to sell.

So, sometimes I feel as if I’m bragging when I find a  way to use my artwork for healing and good.  But then, maybe I’m just taking a little journey, seeing what one little person can do to change the world, however small that change may be.  Welcome to my journey.

Work in Progress, and Important Things I have learned…..

Working on the winged horse….here’s where it stands now.


Important things I have learned from this project:

1. Horses are fun to draw

2. Butterfly wings are boring to draw.

3. Never work on a drawing when you think you might still have cake on the side of your hand.


Fortunately, the cake is chocolate, which goes with the color scheme…..I think I can fit it in.

Butterfly, House Fly, Horse Fly

Finished the 5×7 colored pencil of the winged foal.  I don’t have a title for it, yet, inspiration has yet to strike.




So, I have a few projects to work on, but I’m going to take a bit of a rest before I get started.  Another way of reading that sentence is: “I have to wait for the next paycheck before I have the money to do anything else”.  I may get started on the full-size of the untitled winged foal, but that’s for another day….