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Channeling Georgia O’Keefe….

So, I finished the sketch of “Floral Overload”, and here it is:


So, now I begin on the large version.

For that, I realized I would have to do the flowers in careful, realistic detail.  For that, I’d need good flower pictures to study and draw. For any artist who may not be aware of it, there’s  a copyright free picture library at the Wet Canvas artists’ website.  So, I blithely went there, and plucked a picture of a pansey.  After a momentous struggle with Windows 8, I was finally able to print it out.

So, Georgia O’Keefe?  As I started to draw this pansey, I went into a meditative state, not quite in the samasara dimension.  When I came to, I realized the pansey was starting to look like a vagina….not something I intended.  Then, I thought of Georgia O’Keefe and her flower paintings, that were often compared to sexual parts.  I think everyone is of the opinion that this was intentional…but was it?




Maybe it’s a natural phenomenon that female sexual parts look the same throughout earthly creation.  Or maybe, I”m making too much out of it.

So, the question is…do I continue and accentuate this trend?  It wouldn’t be the first time one of my paintings looked (unintentionally) like a vagina.128

I don’t know what the er, fudge, I’m doing

Fudge is a nice euphemism, isn’t it?  Instead of harsh profanity, you get a remembrance of chocolate delight, maybe days in the kitchen as a child, helping with the stirring of candy, sun shining through the curtains….I went off on a tangent I guess.

Picasso (at least I think it was Picasso), said “Inspiration can strike, but it has to find you working” although that maybe a paraphrase.  So, I’m working on my art, hoping for a great lightening stroke from my muse.  Or whatever.

Thing is, working full time, I don’t get the chance to sit in my usual dreamy reveries from whence (yes, I said whence).  I also don’t know how I ended up typing in italics or how to stop.  Anyone here a Windows 8 expert?
So, just to be doing something, I’m working on an idea I’ve had since high school…yes, I had to go that far back to find something that excited me.  So far, it’s in the sketch stage, and I’m calling it “Floral Overload”.  So, here’s the start: