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I’m Up For a Challenge

I honestly thought this would be easy.  I should have known better.  Making note cards with a drawing on them that people would like, and buy.  It’s a challenge, but I’m stubborn.  In fact I’m thinking of getting a tatoo that says that.  “I’m Stubborn”

So, another day, another learning curve. This is a small landscape.


And of course, cats. The subject is Tux, one of the ferals we used to feed.20190226_131704

I ruined this one.  Tried to erase a random mark on the back, and ended up with an ugly streak.  So, I did the following:


For those of you who are interested, and I know some of you are, the cats we left behind are just fine. we went back for a visit and found the whole neighborhood feeds them…..but especially our former landlord.  Thanks Louie!


The Brothers

Just a quick note before I tell you about the brothers. Scraggly Weed is coming along much better, and actually looks a big scraggly. Here’s the WIP shot:


Okay, the brothers. Up the street from us, is a pair of elderly brothers, sharing a house. One of them is very irritable, so I won’t go into much about him. I don’t see him, much anyway.

However, the other brother is very kind. He has a reputation for feeding the feral cats in the neighborhood, and the kitties all cluster around his house. You already know what a sucker I am for cats. So, this man is dear to my heart.

One cat that they especially take care of is Peewee, a very small, mostly blind cat. Peewee would sit on their stairs, and my boyfriend became very fond of him. As a result, we got to know the brothers a bit better.

The brothers don’t have much money, and their both disabled. For a long time we didn’t see the cats, and wondered what was going on. Finally we saw a man from the food bank delivering food. Richard went in, and was reassured by the nice brother that Peewee is fine, and is just being taken care of by someone else. Right now, I don’t think the brother is physically able to handle cats.

Their house is in very bad shape. One thing that is missing, is a plate with the street number on it. There is a handwritten paper with the number: 50-15. I decided that I would make them a little nicer one. I’ve had a lot of experience making signs. Back before computers did everything, I was always making signs at various jobs. So, soon I will deliver: 50-15