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December Blues

I guess the title of this should be “Making Peace with December”, perhaps I should carry on that theme.

But in other news, I actually spent real money promoting my page on Facebook. I was skeptical since I tried Google Adwords, and all that happened is I lost a lot of money.  But this Facebook thing really works!  And welcome to you new visitors and gratitude to my old and true followers.

Here’s the progress of “Making Peace with December”, chickadees and all.




Got this darned shadow….

Anyway, I looked at this picture, and realized it also resembled a spider’s web.  Which brought to mind, along with new visitors of the interconnectivity of the internet itself.  Which echoes the interconnections of humans, and natural forces, and atoms…..and here I go off into modern physics.  Honestly, I do read about quantum physics for fun.  I was reading a biography of Einstein when it occurred to me that I was reading for fun, what was probably a textbook for some worn-out college student.


And here’s a chickadee…..


My Little Chickadee…dee,dee,dee….

I’m working on the drawing that I sketched earlier in the week.

Since wintertime is such a hard time for me, and many others, I’ve decided to make my work this season devoted to making peace and healing with this cold, dark time of year.

Another theme I’m working on, as a healing subject, is that of friendship and community.  I have an excellent idea for that for a springtime drawing…but let’s get through the winter first.

So, friendship and community in the winter.  I thought of the symbol of birds.  I love drawing birds, but never really come up with good, complete ideas for them.  An example of one that I did do; PigeonIMG_0148_thumb.jpg

And one from high school, so long ago….


And a Christmas card:



So, now, what winter bird do I use for this sycamore composition?  I took a bit of selection and rejection:

Cardinals are beautiful, but they look like a Christmas card…and a cliched Christmas card at that….

Crows and starlings in a group would look like an Alfred Hitchcock movie….

Sparrows would just get lost in the color scheme, looking like diseased lumps of wood on the branches…

So, I come back to my little companion, the bird that cheered me up during the dark winters before I was diagnosed and treated for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Chickadees.  Cute and colorful in their own way with their little, cheerful tune….

Chick a dee dee dee.