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It’s that time of year again…..Happy New Year!

Right about now, all sorts of news stories are printed about the triumphs of the year.  I however,  with my contrary streak, am going to display my biggest flops of the year. It helps me to remember I can fail, and I hope it helps beginning artists not to be discouraged.  Everyone screws up now and then.dancing






"Ferris Wheel"


So goodbye to the failures of 2014, and welcome to the triumphs of 2015.  And probably a few flops in 2015, too.


This is untitled, and not really paradise, unless you believe in life after death.  This is really a celebration of not creating for the market.

The story goes like this:

One day, on Facebook, I was lamenting that I had no ideas for a new picture.  My cousin wrote “Draw what’s outside your window”.

Sometime later, my partner’s sister-in-law was mentioning that post.  I told her the only thing outside my window was the Long Island Expressway, and a graveyard.  To which Tara replied, “I would think a graveyard would be a great thing to draw!  With all those statues and shapes of headstones!”.

Well, my reaction was (silently), no one is going to buy a picture of a graveyard.  So, I didn’t do it.

Well, not drawing for the market….here it is, a drawing of a graveyard!Image

Oh, and here’s the view from my windowImage