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Work in Progress, and Important Things I have learned…..

Working on the winged horse….here’s where it stands now.


Important things I have learned from this project:

1. Horses are fun to draw

2. Butterfly wings are boring to draw.

3. Never work on a drawing when you think you might still have cake on the side of your hand.


Fortunately, the cake is chocolate, which goes with the color scheme…..I think I can fit it in.

Butterfly, House Fly, Horse Fly

Finished the 5×7 colored pencil of the winged foal.  I don’t have a title for it, yet, inspiration has yet to strike.




So, I have a few projects to work on, but I’m going to take a bit of a rest before I get started.  Another way of reading that sentence is: “I have to wait for the next paycheck before I have the money to do anything else”.  I may get started on the full-size of the untitled winged foal, but that’s for another day….

Busy, busy, busy….what’s a woman to do?

Projects coming out of the woodwork….I’ve agreed to work on illustrations for a couple of college students’ project, with a theme that I find healthy and healing.  More about that later, when I get more details, and know if the young women want this discussed online.

In the meantime, as promised, I’m working on a different take on a winged horse.   Here is the black and white sketch.


In the meantime, I’m getting ready for a Artisan’s Market which will be at the Gallery La La, on April 6, 12pm-7pm.   If you’re in NYC or thereabouts, the address is 138 Sullivan Street in Soho.  Honestly, it would be nice to make a living using my sales skills to sell my own work.