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Freedom Tower, 1st work in progress

Here’s the stage where I am in doing the large version of “Freedom Tower”.  As I usually find, when you translate something small into something much larger, you run into difficulties in detail and composition.  Here I’m finding I need more trees to fill up the foreground.

In reality, the foreground is actually a cemetery. I may include some headstones, as a tribute to those who died in 9/11.   Still thinking about it.Image

No Place Like Home…..

I’ve started work on the large “Freedom Tower”, but so far, don’t really have enough to show a work in progress.

So here’s something I did a little earlier.  It’s one of the Paradise series.  It’s an interior, for I know some for some people, paradise is their own home.  That is, especially if it is beautiful.  I would have copied one of the photos of the Plaza Condos, but that would be a copyright issue.

I never really had a beautiful home.  My childhood home was a fixer-upper my parents bought while their income was generous.  Then my father lost his biggest client, and my parents’ financial situation tumbled.  The fixer-upper never got fixed up, and with no money to repair the house as other things fell apart.  It fell into terrible disrepair.

I probably should have been grateful just to have a roof over my head, but I was ashamed of the house.  As I grew older, I saw other houses in equal disrepair, but in those days, I felt very alone.  I was not allowed to invite friends over.   I felt embarrassed whenever anyone came to the door.

As I became older, and had my own places, I care less.  I still don’t live in a Plaza Suite.  My house is cluttered with art supplies and electronics belonging to my partner, but it’s home.  And I’m not embarrassed anymore.livingroom72002

I don’t have a title for this yet.  It has kind of a children’s book feel to it, I think because I made it up almost entirely.

An Urban Paradise

I have concentrated on natural beauty as paradise. The truth is, though, some of us have found our paradise in a big city. What can be paradise among t he noise, bad smells, crowds and dirt? It’s a matter of being part of a community. For some of us, that’s paradise..

Here I am featuring the lower Manhattan skyline as it is, now. The tall building is the Freedom Tower, the new World Trade Center. I also played a lot with types of pencil strokes…scribbles, parallel lines, and more in order to create a more atmospheric effect.

Okay, doing non-profit landscapes is all well and good…..but how do I get them out to people? I don’t have money to promote them, and most art shows cost plenty to participate. The internet of course, but I’m among how many billions of websites? It’s a miracle anyone finds me.

In NYC,it’s legal for artists to set up their work in certain places, as long as they have a business license. Despite that, artists do get harassed by the police. I’m not sure I’d want to deal with that. It would also take away from my precious weekend time off. So, I’m still thinking, and open to suggestions.nycatdusk72

Yellow Brick Road

Well, despite leaving this blog unattended, I have been busy.   Here’s the latest.  Somehow, I managed to draw this on the back of a self-portrait without realizing it.   I don’t know if that makes it more or less valuable.yellowbrickroad72

Also accomplished today!  A cake!  Sort of decorated….I’ve got a long way to go.


Well, done some more thinking about what I’d actually like to do with my life.  I would like to leave this world a better place, although I probably said that before.  I think I accomplish some of that at work, just being cheerful and friendly to customers.  Maybe somewhere along the way, I’ll make someone who is having a bad day feel better.  Not saving the world exactly,  but piece by piece, maybe I can do something.

Which brings me back to Paradise.  I doubt that I’ll ever make a living as an artist, and now, I don’t think I want to.  It’s lonely, and worrying about making ends meet without a steady paycheck does not appeal to me.  Not to mention, I’ll always have to make pictures for the market.
Instead, back to these little pictures.  I’ll make them small, but affordable.   Pretty much  making my costs back…..materials and a little for labor.  Maybe, they too, can do something for someone who  needs it.

Little by little.  If everyone did their part, this world would be a paradise.

My Big Break

The art reception is over, and now I’m a famous artist!  Or, not, depends on how delusional I am on any given day.

The reception went well.  Turned out to be just a few friends, and we all had a nice visit.

Just what I was expecting, I don’t know.  I was incredibly anxious on the way to Birch Coffee, and on the verge of hyperventilating.  Frankly, I was going back and forth between visions of having all my work down,lined up against the wall, and being instructed to get it the hell out!  Or the other swing, a crowd of people, just waiting to meet the newly discovered great artist.  So, everything turned out okay, no complaints here.

Thanks to all my friends who came.

The one thing left, is which picture will be left behind.  As part of the agreement, Birch Coffee will take one of my drawings in exchange for displaying my work.  I kept the work out of the shop that I really wanted to keep.

Bets from my friends as to which will go: House at Sunrise



I should start a pool.

Another thing I’ve decided, is to make “Embracing my Inner Cat”, as not for sale.  I’ve started using it as a trademark, and also, it is a picture of my dear cat, Hannako.  For those of you who have never seen it:

“Construction” had been finished, but I’m waiting for better light to photograph it.

My Hanging

Having nothing exciting to do on a Sunday on a holiday weekend, I figured I’d post.  Maybe there are actually some people like myself, who, sadly, have nothing better to do than browse the internet.

Yesterday, I hung my show.  These things never go smoothly, but as time goes on, it gets easier.  I had the help of Dearly Beloved, who thankfully took over and did most of the work.

The fellows who work in Birch Coffee were busy closing up after the day.  I felt bad at first that I was keeping them there late, but turns out, it takes them a long time to close.  The cleaning man and the manager were still there when we left.

I found a few things out….the signs that I so carefully made to go with the drawings were way too big for the walls.  I will have to go back and change them.  Also, the frames that I thought all matched, didn’t.  My idea was to have a very professional looking show with a consistent look.  Didn’t look all that bad really.

Got home, and ate a lot of black raspberry ice cream for dinner.

Now, I have some time on my hands. I still have things to do for the reception, but I’m taking a rest and doing neglected tasks.  I actually cleaned in my studio!  Believe it or not.

And then, I got some work done on “Construction”.  Here is a shot of how it stands,now;


Happy Labor Day everyone!  I’ll be selling pastries.