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The day job took over last week, worked extra hours, no time for artwork. Hell, though, I need the money. I’m tired as a dog now, can’t really do any work on scraggly weed, which is beginning to look like Audrey II in “Little Shop of Horrors”.

Last week, I answered an ad for an art show. I was selected, with only one week to get ready for it. It’s on August 11, in Soundview Park in the Bronx for any of you in the area. It starts at 11:00 am.

The nice thing, is that I didn’t have to pay a fee, it was barter for a donation to their fundraiser. I’m giving them “Refuge”, which I’m sure I posted before.


So, I’ve got to get a black tablecloth, and find someway to display all this stuff. Now that I have a smartphone, I can take credit cards. So, with any luck at all…..

I think Hell just froze over

For those of you who know me, you know I’m quite a  messy person.  But now, I don’t know what got into me, but I’m beginning to be neat.  My pencils are still in a jumble, but that’s okay.  I’m determined not to become nit-picky about it.

So, in between cleaning, sorting and straightening, I had some time for artwork.  Here’s the progress on “Scraggly Weed”>Image

Mother……..ing, son of a …….

I’ve started the sketch of “Scraggly Weed”. This is the 5×7 version, and the wall, of course is all off. It will be corrected in the final version.

What I do have to do to make the butterflies stand out, is what is called “negative drawing”. You do the front first, and work around that to fill in the background drawing. If I were a more positive person, I suppose I would say it’s a challenge. But since I’m not, I’ll tell you it’s a pain in the ass. Ah, what I go through for my art.


OMG….Everything is weeping!

Just noticed as I was finishing this, that I put in a weeping willow, a weeping pine, and made it a rainy day. Hmmn, the unconsious mind works in strange ways. Maybe sadness about the plight of those who live with MS? Maybe.
Anyway, here’s the finish to “MS Bike Ride”. I changed the composition dramatically. In Northern Connecticut, the landscape indeed sometimes suddenly drop off, and reveal a big hill. I found it gave a sense of distance that I felt enhanced the composition. Without further ado…..msbikeracefinish

The Scraggly Weed

The MS Bike Ride is turned over, so I can get a fresh look at it for final touches. Then, in the meantime….here’s a fable.

The Scraggly Weed

Away, on a very small street, in a very small neighborhood, in a very big city, there was a row of houses. In front of each house, was a tiny yard for a garden. And in front of every house, except one, was a tidy garden.

One garden was overgrown and untended. It was the scandal of the neighborhood. People kept making tsk-tsk noises, and wondered what kind of a man it was who would not tend his garden.

In the midst of the unkempt plants was a scraggly weed. It started out short, and began to grow. Soon, it was as big as a tree. The neighbors were appalled. This was the the worst outrage of all.

A couple of weeks later, the scraggly weed bloomed. White, tuftty blossoms poked out in all directions.

And on top of it all, the newly flowering plant attracted butterflies. Tons and tons of butterflies encircled the plant, landing on the flowers to collect the nectar.

The neighbors never said another word.

And so, I introduce the idea for my next drawing…….weed

Changing direction

I didn’t work on the MS bicycle ride for a while. I started to add the background, and put in a weeping willow. It made the whole thing look kitschy and awful. I tried to erase it, but it was too firmly drawn, that I couldn’t do it. I got very discouraged.

But then, the other day I peeked outside, just as it was beginning to rain. One thing I love about summer is the rain. It changes the atmosphere, puts a green cast over everything, makes everything moody, and enhances colors. So, I decided to go for it, and make the bike ride a rainy day. It also casts a serious note on a serious subject without being dismal.

So, here it stands. The bike riders will end up standing out more because of this change, which is a good thing. I’m going to have to darken the road a bit to play down the shadows. They’re too distinct for a cloudy sky.

So, back on track…but a different direction.msbikeracewip714

Back on Course

Started the redo of the MS bike ride, and I’m pleased with it. To get the asphalt right, it took long tedious work. Thank God for the invention of the iPod, otherwise, sitting, making miniscule pencil strokes over and over would have made me start raving….well, raving.
For those of you who are artists, just a note. Asphalt is very complex in color. It’s actually layers of color, so caution as to just making it gray, and that’s it. Of course, the local color is gray, but it reflects the light, making it have a cast of yellow to it, which makes it a gray-green…or on cloudy days, a purplish tone. And it’s got texture. Boy, does it have texture. Maddening texture. I accomplished my asphalt with small strokes of blue violet, grayed green, and yellowish orange, avoiding, of course, the dreaded Prismacolor orange.

I also moved the bikers over to make more room for the landscape, which I’m salivating to get started on.

So, here’s where it stands.msbikeridewip2