Today is a day for artwork and wasting time on the web. It’s amazing how little artwork a person can get done, with a computer hooked up to the internet right next to you.

So here’s an update of “Sentinel’. It’s a 5×7 color sketch. I’m starting to work on the full-size version, now.


59th Street Bridge

This is a drawing of the bridge that spans the East River between Manhattan and Queens. It’s commonly called the 59th Street Bridge, but its official name is the Queensboro Bridge.

I wanted to add some interest to the background, so it wouldn’t be an ordinary picture of a structure.

I did this a couple of years ago. I’m presently working some more on Sentinel, and I hope to have an update, soon.

Welcome to my new blog

At other peoples suggestion, I have moved my blog from Myspace, to here.

Having finished “Louie’s Spot”, I am moving on to the next drawing. I am working out the composition and color scheme on an aceo.

For now, I am going to show you something I’ve been fascinated with for years, now. It’s the old sycamore outside my living room window. What I am showing now, is a small version I did in the summer.


My artwork, my words. Enjoy!