Another positive visualization

Here’s another sample of trying positive visualization through artwork. This example is mixed. In search of a significant other, I designed a drawing of the Perfect Masculine. Truth is, I did find someone (named Richard), but so much later, I don’t know if it could be considered cause and effect. Anyway, here’s the piece, note the masculine elements in it…the peacock feathers, the lion in the full moon. This is titled “Richard, Before I Knew Him”.

Positive Visualization

There has been much talk among New Age enthusiasts, and recently, even those in the mainstream about positive visualization as a method to getting what you want in life.  I’m not so sure about the truth of this, I think perhaps one must be clear of all negative thoughts to get it to work.

I figured since art was a way of concentrating on an image, shouldn’t it possibly be a tool for positive visualization?  I am posting some examples of my experiments, with notes on whether they worked or not.

The first one I’m posting definitely did not work.  It was a try at financial prosperity, and I’m still struggling with money problems.  This is “Wealth”.


I have put “Autumn Song” away for a while, and will revisit it again soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d display something that I’ve never shown before. I have a collection of mineral spheres. One day, for drawing practice when I was burned out of ideas, I did this.

First Step: Autumn

I’m working on a new piece,  “Autumn Song”.  I miss the turning of leaves I used to get in Connecticut.  Fall used to be a time of tangy apple cider, pumpkins, and crisp cool weather.  I’m trying to capture some of that here, and also a tribute to long held love and relationships.

Here is the aceo, the basic block in.


I’m still working on Sentinel, which is near completion.

I’m waiting to hear back about a juried show. I’m not sure if I’ve been accepted into it or not, or whether there is more for me to do to be selected. I emailed, no answer.

Since I’m so fond of putting flowers in the sky, I did this, just for fun.