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Good God, I’m seeing spots before my eyes……..

I’ve been working on January 2, but progress is slow.  I haven’t  had much to show in the way of a wip. That’s because I’m doing the snow in the  background.  It consists of dots.  Tiny dots.  Lots and lots of tiny dots.

I can only do so much at a time, because it’s mind numbing, even while listening to music.  I’m trying now to make it a meditation, focus on the act of putting down dots with full attention.   I’m only partly successful.   So,  here’s January 2, the wip.



Also, in terms of healing, I’ve been forgetting that part of my background is energy work.   I’m trying to make up for that neglect with yoga, meditation, and other exercises.   I expect (though I can’t predict), that the results of concentrating on energy will eventually affect my artwork.  Should be interesting.

It’s January again…..

Okay, almost February.  Anyway, there’s snow on the ground….and it’s cold.

Some of you may remember, I did a picture called “January”.  I got too carried away with design, and ended up with this monstrosity:


It’s always good to remember our failures……(or so I’m told).

However, the theme of a person walking a dog in the snow never escaped my imagination.  So once again, here’s a sketch.  Hopefully, it’s the beginning of a much more successful “January”.