The End of Another Year

I’ve been gone for a while, in case you haven’t noticed.  I ran into a dry spell with my artwork.  I had gone from “having fun”, with my work…to tearing my hear out and cursing at the boredom of drawing foliage.  I guess it goes in cycles…and I have to take a break.

I also ran out of money for supplies.  In the meantime, I’d done some work on Christmas cards…nothing special, though.  My favorite paper runs at over $5.00 a sheet, and I have to buy a minimum of ten.  I enjoyed my summer off from work…but, did I mention I was broke?

I took a seasonal job, which lasted till this month.  I was able to buy my paper!  I’ve paid my bills….and starting on Tuesday, I’ll look for another hum-drum, regular job.

But, as I mentioned!  This is the last day of the year, when I post my worst for the year.  So, much as I love the subject, the pieces didn’t fit together. \

Happy New Year, Everybody!