I Don’t Feel as if There’s Enough Time for All This…

I’m talking about the holidays.  Really, now, how many themes can you make on a winter landscape?   I’m spending time watching videos on YouTube of good old rock music, instead of drawing.  And…I’m getting impatient.  I feel a rush of creativity, but not enough time.

I’m looking back at music, and how much it’s meant to me.  I’m looking back at a drawing I did of a musician a couple of years ago.   For those of you who know it, it’s called “John’s Love Ballad”.  For those of you who don’t know it, well, it’s still called “John’s Love Ballad”, but it’s new to you…



I’ll get through again, this year, I always do.



Have Yourself a Merry, Little….thanksgiving

Yes, I’ve been working on cards.  Thanksgiving is coming with the whole conflicting attitude…on one hand, the original Thanksgiving story, and the fate of the Native Americans.  That’s especially poignant this year, with the protests of the Dakota Pipeline.

However, the idea of a day to count the good we have in our lives, and give thanks, seems like a good idea regardless.  So, I’ll take that attitude, and cook!

Thanksgiving will also be the celebration of a landmark birthday for my brother.  So, I’m looking for recipes that will be healthy enough for a diabetic, with heart disease.

But back to cards…here are some more winter landscapes.  The size of these is 5 by 7 inches.

Of course, not all winter is snow…some of the days have brilliant, clear, blue skies, with stark landscapes.  So, I felt obligated, I tell you obligated, in the interest of fair reporting, to do such a landscape:


As you can see, there’s a red bird, a cardinal, flying into the view.  I’ve been told that cardinals represent a visit from a soul who has passed on…so, I’ve been wondering, who?

Also, in the interest of cheery, seasonal views, I did this nocturne.



I’m going back to the idea of just drawing what strikes me, let my inner artist decide what is best for subject matter.  Having done a year of mostly paradise themed drawings, I feel something has fallen short in my output.  Maybe I’d better pay attention more to my subconscious’s input….

I Mean, REALLY, Now….

I’m working on items for the Winter Boutique again, but this time, a little better rested.  So, for serious..here’s the first Holiday Card I’ve done…5 by 7 inches.  It’s pretty neutral in the way it presents a holiday.  It can be either Christmas or Pagan Yule.  I’m going to try to stick with as many winter landscape ideas as possible, because, no matter what religion you are (or aren’t), it’s going to be winter in the Northern Hemisphere in December.  So, here ’tis….


And I’ve scrounged some items…notice I didn’t say Scrooge, I said scrounge.  I’ve put a copy of one of my cat drawings on a suncatcher, and it came out halfway decently.  This is the drawing, the suncatcher itself, is hard to photograph….

But for you cat lovers, I’m sure you don’t mind revisiting a young cat with yarn:


I’m having fun with the pressure off…just coming up with stuff to sell.

Draw, Draw, Draw!

I’m drawing.  Some of my friends are out protesting, some of my friends are scared.  Some of my friends are depressed and crying.  Some of my friends are frankly puzzled that others would have such a reaction to losing an election.  Some of my friends are strangely silent….

I’m checking my privilege.  I’m a white, straight woman past child-bearing age.  I do care about the people who are worried about being bullied and injured.  So, I continue to draw Holiday Cards…

Fortunately, I don’t have to draw anything I don’t want to, or don’t agree with.  The card I’m showing is quickly sketched, and I hope to do it better later.  It’s a rough …

I looked to see who originated this quote.  Honestly, I remember first seeing it in a Peanuts comic.  Research tells me, that it was Eleanor Roosevelt.  It seems also fitting, very fitting…right now, this holiday season.img002

For those of you in Connecticut and nearby areas…

I said I’m going to put drawings in the Redding, Connecticut show for the benefit of the Mark Twain Library.  Well, I’m not.  I realized that by the time I bought frames, paid the fee and donated a piece, I’d be out several dollars.  I figured I’d get more bang for my buck to get my out art there….or art out there….by doing a smaller show,  where I can be there in person.  Just as I love working in retail stores, meeting people and just getting to know them, I feel the same way about local arts and crafts shows.

I’m entering the Winter Boutique at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Danbury, CT on December 3, 2016 between 10 am and 4 pm.  For those of you who’d like to come, see me and my work, the address is 24 Clapboard Ridge Road.  I will have a few inexpensive items for sale, but really, it’s the best kind of advertising I could hope for!  Even if I don’t make a dime.

So, from now until then, I’m going to be working in items for the Winter Boutique.  I have some coffee mugs and magnets, but I also am drawing some original, hand drawn holiday cards, and doing some repurposed items, with my artwork on them.  So, I’m going to duck back into hiding, and show you a few of the cards I made last time.




As the Smoke Clears….

Well, as you know, the election is over, and some people are happy,others not so much.  There are a lot of people analyzing, pontificating, threatening, and despairing.

What the best I saw on Social Media, was an ode to what each individual can do, to contribute to the world, and keep evil in its place.  So, I hope you will join me on this occasion, in whichever camp you were in, in an effort to heal the country and world, in whatever way is in your abilities.

So, I’m posting a rerun of an illustration I did for a young man.  The message is pretty obvious….so, I part for the day with this:


Let’s Get Small!

I’ve worked in the same size for finished drawings since the 1980’s.  In those days, I would do copy after copy until my frustration limit, or until I got the drawing as I wanted it.  Truthfully, I mostly compromised between those two points.  It would take maybe five efforts, and I managed to complete only about four drawings in a year.

No, sixteen by twenty inches doesn’t seem that large, when you consider the vast size of much modern art these days.  However, sad to say, my frustration limit has declined, and my work is not as carefully done as it had been.  When you start repeating your work towards the approach of perfection, it’s damned big.

So, I’m starting to work at eight by ten inches, and it’s a much easier size to deal with, photograph and sell.

So, finally I present something new: Murmuration