Endless Possibilities

Just a look back…this is a painting I did after the Namaste Series. I was still in love with sparkles and sprinkles but ran out of steam in the idea of symmetrical abstract shapes.  I longed for putting subject matter back in, so, I elaborated from my imagination on summer foliage.


It flowed and was fun..

So, speaking of summer foliage, I took a photo as we were in another neighborhood.  I was again intrigued by the light through the foliage.

20160720_190946The endless possibilities of interpreting the shapes of leaves, light and shadow.  It’s actually a little overwhelming..where do I start?  How do I choose between one design element an another?  Is it too late for another cup of coffee?

But I will soldier on. I may not make the best choices in it, but less than perfect choices are better than a blank piece of paper.




At Last…or What Am I, Nuts?

I’ve labored long and not so lovingly on this.  I like the result, but damn, the tedium.  I know I’ve talked about the repetitive, long lasting tasks as being meditative, but this time, that didn’t happen.  Doing the ivy made me just about tear my hair out.  So, I did it a little, teeny-tiny bit at a time, as long as my patience would allow me.  Thus, it took me over a month to do this.

When I last wrote, I spoke about the Ride for MS event, I believe.  I volunteered there, and it all ended with a grand BBQ at an estate turned into a park.  So, I saw a garden…a little piece of peace, while I was there.

Don’t have a real title for this right yet, working title is “At the Estate”.