Every Rainbow Starts With a Storm…or a Sketch as the Case My Be

So, her’e the rough sketch…and rough it is.  It’s painfully lacking in interesting details, but then, that’s what sketches are for.

In the past, I would jump in full-sized, with no prior sketch, and waste mucho dollars on paper, doing version after version. I now eliminate problems from having done the sketch…and since the paper I use costs upwards of $5 that’s significant.  And less emotionally frustrating, I might add.

So, I’m also hearing the voice of my artist mother as I look at this sketch…..”If you add a couple of details, your picture will tell a story”.

“But, Mom, I don’t want to tell a story!  I want to create a mood and an emotion”.

So, I look a this sketch..it has an Asian artwork feel to it.

I will add details to it, and hopefully create a mood, and tell a story.  Yes, Mom.



At Battle with Cliches and Archetypes again…



Yes, it’s a rainbow.  It’s a cliche….or is it an archetype?   I think I’ve been through this argument before.  It’s been a feature of mythology and literature, everywhere from the Great Flood, to the Wizard of Oz.  It’s a beautiful, inspiring sight.  This was what I saw on the way back on the train one afternoon, on a torrentially rainy  and emotionally cathartic day.  And so, I’m going to draw a cliche again…and see if I can make it fresh and non-saccharin.

The Kitten has Landed


The drawing I started one sunny, balmy day in spring, is now finished on a crisp autumn day.  Where has the time gone? Guess between job changes and personal life changes, I’ve been busy.  Hard to believe that I only have been able to complete one drawing in all that time!

Anyway, at long last: Portrait of the Artist as a Kitten:


Have you found the kitten yet?

I wanted to explore the many layers of distance and surface area in this drawing.  I have the reflection in the window, you can see through the window to the flower pot, the kitten and beyond.  And the side of the house, and the flowers in front of the house…etc, etc.

Started out as a puzzle to see how many layers I could get in.  But as I worked on it, I realized it could be seen as a metaphor for consciousness…dream state, objective state, subjective observations, and so on.  Or maybe it’s just a pretty picture and I’m pushing too much.  It was fun to do, even if it took, well not forever, but a good part of eternity.