I’m getting really tired of drawing flowers…………

So, I slave away at Floral Overload.  I like the way it’s coming out, but I swear, if I didn’t I would ditch it in a moment.  I never realized how monotonous drawing flowers would be.  They’re so intricate, and need a lot of analytical eyework (and brainwork) to draw.  Oh, God, oh god oh god…I wish I could figure out a way to cheat.



Calamity Roxy and the Color of My Dreams

Still plugging away at Floral Overload, but I tellya it’s slow.  I’m working a lighter week at my day job now, so I do have more time…but remember how messy I am?  Well, it’s gotten to the point where I have to interrupt my (ahem) great art career, and shovel some of the clutter and dirt in this apartment.  So, slowly, Floral Overload will continue to go.

But I had a delightful experience (well, almost) at a networking meeting in Brooklyn.  I agreed to do live painting, and had a great time.

I thought at first I would just get up and push paint around as the feeling suited me, but then I realized….I could waste a lot of time, paint,and come up with a disaster.  So, I had a thunderous insight, I better the hell have some kind of plan.  But what…went through color combinations in my mind came up with green and gold, which caused the song, Karma Chameleon to go through my head…..

So, the color of my dreams, they’re green and gold, it is.

The finished picture….




10460503_10153114872566038_959837534325030375_nThis is one of the Namaste series pictures. The person who invited me to do the painting is a particular fan of those. So, here’s an action shot…..I promise a video soon.


So, Shane Kulman is the woman who invited me.  I gave the painting to her, and she’s going to make a contribution to charity for it.



Now the calamity part….the car died. I mean really died, kaput, dead RIP. Gone to automotive heaven. We rented a van to go to the event, which was an event in itself. Not a good one, though.

So, I guess I’m out of the art show biz for a while.

A Flower a Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away

Yes, doing artwork is good therapy…..for me at least.  It gave me a reason to live, when depression was clouding my perceptions as to the quality of my life.  These days, I’ve been so busy, that it is literally a flower a day.  So, rather than ruin the surprise of the finish of “Floral Overload”  I will present a detail….one flower.  This is a close-up of the iris.




Next pic?  I’ve just recently been to a rock concert, and was impressed by the drama of the visuals.  I remember a fantastic inner cover of a “Wings” album (back when the artwork on a record cover was a dramatic statement in itself.)  It was a realistic, yet exaggerated painting of a rock concert.  It stuck in my mind long since my record collection faded into CD’s….faded into Mp.3’s…faded into ipods, my smartphone (and who knows what’s next).

Also, a friend’s scizophrenic relative did sort of an art brut version of a rock concert.  Very impressive, very dramatic.

So, after “Floral Overload” is finished, I shall enter the world of Hard Rock.

Another Work in Progress, and Dead in the Water

I’m happy with the way “Floral Overload” is coming along.  Really, truly, I am.  But, it is a LOT of work. I can get maybe one flower done a day.  One factor is that my job leaves me fatigued, and I don’t have much time..so, Day Job hunting again.  Oh, and I’m going to see the Moody Blues on Sunday.  Just thought I’d throw that in.floraloverloadwip2

I’d like you to meet a friend…..

And here’s her FB page.

As I was saying…..I was looking for an animal cause for which I can do pet portraits.  I remembered my old high school buddy, Mrs. Dolittle.  She’s a holistic healer for animals, and I’m going to try to raise money for her to give hospice care to pets whose families wouldn’t otherwise afford it.  So,  I’m dividing my time between “Floral Overload”, and making sample pet portraits.

Remember Hannako?

Here she is again.



So, I plan to do another kitty, two doggies, one horsie, and one bunny.  And put them on a postcard to advertise.  The originals will be double matted, as will the finished product sent to customers.

Boy, it feels great to have an actual direction again!


If an artist draws in the forest, and there’s nobody to see, is it art?

Work is coming along on “Floral Overload”.  Right now, there’s not enough further progress to show a work-in-progress.  Nothing new to show, so I’ll show something old.


Something very old…from high school.  I eventually did a very large version as a mural for the school I attended.

Truth is, I’m feeling stuck.  I need to shake things up a bit.  So, I’m looking for a place in the Greater New York City Area to have an art show.  No, I don’t want to pay a big fee upfront, but  a small fee is fine.  Or a commission.  If anyone knows a place…. contact me.

Also going back to doing good with my work….I have accomplished some.  But I realize, I’m still too selfish to just give my art away with no return.  I have a tarnished halo.  Anyway, my work would be very nice in a setting where people would be cheered up.  I’m willing to donate work to such a cause if I get some publicity.

So any ideas or suggesti0ns out there…..

These are the Breaks!

I’ve gotten far enough with the full-sized version of “Floral Overload’, to show a work in progress….and here ’tis:


The trick is, to make every individual part a complete composition, so every area could make a complete drawing.  Or so I’ve figured out, as I go along. I”m having great fun with this!


But it’s time for a break.  In just about anything, art included, sometimes you just get fatigued.  And unless you’re up against a deadline, you’re doing yourself a favor just walking away for a while.  I’ve made many disastorous mistakes (which I’ve prudently destroyed) by pushing.

My next step will to be to add this pretty red rose.



However, if I don’t take a break and walk away, it’ll come out looking like Heath Ledger’s face as The Joker.  “Nuff said.