What the Hell do you think this is????????????? Grand Central Station?

Somewhere, in my childhood, a teacher chided us like that.   So indeed, Grand Central Station is usually filled with noisy crowds.

I’m working from a photo I took when the station wasn’t that crowded…..a Saturday morning.  

Grand Central Station is mostly marble and stone.   So, one tends to think in terms of grays, and whites, and an occasional gold highlight  blinking off the handrails.  However, when I printed this picture out…and really, really looked at it, I realized it was a watercolor-like combination of overlapping lavenders, pinks and corals….and a little soft blue.  I never, never, thought of Grand Central that way.  So, my intention is to duplicate that feeling…while kind of wishing I was a watercolor artist instead.

Here’s the WIP:



It’s somewhat askew, part the fault of the photo, part my drawing.  I’ll need to fix that up.  Right now, I’m leaving the young woman blank…..don’t know how to fit her into the color scheme yet.

I know I’ve been absent for a while…a lot going on in my non-art personal life.  A new job, and learning the tasks always drains my focus.  A high-school reunion.  And many people and animals who need healing.

It’s good to be back on track again.


All together now!

As I’ve started this drawing of Grand Central Terminal, another memory of September 11 came to mind.   As many people were  reported missing, posters went up all over looking for missing loved ones.  Eventually, the Terminal put up a wall, at first as a place  to post searches, and unfortunately, it became a memorial.  On anniversaries, birthdays, people would place flowers in lieu of an actual grave. 



Many memories of Grand Central Terminal are coming back.  At my new job, where  I am training, one young man declared “Grand Central is where employees go to die”.  I hope not, I treasure the place so.   Memories about of how, as a young art student, I would come into New York from Connecticut, and Grand Central would meet me.  Of course, it was a dangerous, dirty place back then, but it was still my link.

I’ve worked on the 5×7 sketch.  I decided to keep the woman in the same proportion as she is in the photo….without doing that, the drawing had no strong focal point.  I also plan to keep it low-key and watercolor-like, since in the morning, the Main Concourse is bathed in light.   Here’s the sketch.Image

Which is more awesome?

I’m getting started on the 5×7 layout for the Grand Central Station pic. Don’t have a title for it yet. I have a black and white pencil outline, and I’m contemplating the color scheme. Since sunlight is such a big player in this picture, I have to decide how best to express that.

Then there’s the young woman. I like the mystery of just showing her back, as I did in this oldie but goodie, Prewar.


So, here’s my dilemma. For those of you who read “The Fountainhead” by Aynn Rand, you will remember the part when Howard Roark is commissioned to do a building celebrating the glory of humankind. Instead of a spacious, open cathedral like building that the buyers envisioned, he designed a building with very low ceilings to make a visitor feel large and important….so, here’s the dilemma. Do I make the young woman large and the most important thing in the drawing? Or do I make her dwarfed by the size of the train terminal. Stay tuned.

Back to the Grind….

Well, break’s over. I am soon to start a paying job. I still plan to have a both on the street somewhere, but not the same investment in time as I had thought, at least for now. If it becomes really profitable to do so, I’ll reevalutate later.

But for now, a steady paycheck, and back in Grand Central Terminal. That brings me to the idea for my next drawing. In a lot of spiritual pictures, the pouring in of sunshine, is a metaphor for joy, or what have you. Usually, it’s through a church window. But what of people who are spiritual that have no set religion? For this I offer this image….which I will work from.


OMG, I couldn’t find the photo…so here’s a picture of my boyfriend playing with a cat. Guess I’ll have plenty of time to take that picture again.

In the meantime, “Sunset, September 10”, is turned over, waiting for my fresh eye to complete it.


Edit: Found the picture.