The Brothers

Just a quick note before I tell you about the brothers. Scraggly Weed is coming along much better, and actually looks a big scraggly. Here’s the WIP shot:


Okay, the brothers. Up the street from us, is a pair of elderly brothers, sharing a house. One of them is very irritable, so I won’t go into much about him. I don’t see him, much anyway.

However, the other brother is very kind. He has a reputation for feeding the feral cats in the neighborhood, and the kitties all cluster around his house. You already know what a sucker I am for cats. So, this man is dear to my heart.

One cat that they especially take care of is Peewee, a very small, mostly blind cat. Peewee would sit on their stairs, and my boyfriend became very fond of him. As a result, we got to know the brothers a bit better.

The brothers don’t have much money, and their both disabled. For a long time we didn’t see the cats, and wondered what was going on. Finally we saw a man from the food bank delivering food. Richard went in, and was reassured by the nice brother that Peewee is fine, and is just being taken care of by someone else. Right now, I don’t think the brother is physically able to handle cats.

Their house is in very bad shape. One thing that is missing, is a plate with the street number on it. There is a handwritten paper with the number: 50-15. I decided that I would make them a little nicer one. I’ve had a lot of experience making signs. Back before computers did everything, I was always making signs at various jobs. So, soon I will deliver: 50-15


Audrey II is growing again….

After taking a bit of time off, having fun, and desparing about finding another paying job….I’m working on Scraggly Weed, again. This time, I decided to take it slow, and as I did in Pocket Paradise, do each butterfly and each flowing plume as if it were a mini-drawing in itself….so, I’ve just started, nothing to show yet.

So, just for fun, I thought I’d show some of my failures…that’s right, work that did not make it into my final portfolio. So, relax, have a laugh, and realize I’m not oversensitive about my work.


This was my first try for View From Long Island City


“Going Home” final version. For some reason, it just didn’t come together, although the small version sold.


May redo this one. To be fair, this is the first drawing I did after about a 10 year hiatus.

And I think the rest have already been posted. So, for you that I know are insecure about your artwork, just remember, we all have failures.

If all goes well…..

I’ve been away from my artwork for a while, my day job became intolerable, so I abruptly quit it. So, now, the job search has begun.

The artwork I’ve done is the quick sketches for the art festival on September 22. They’re finished, and here they are (you’ve already seen Michael Jackson)

Self portrait…..minime001

And children….





In between interviews, I have time to do some artwork….and scraggly weed keeps nagging me….

What’s Michael Jackson doing in here?

In an effort to do affordable items at fairs, I’ve decided to do small portraits, that I can mat. I’m starting to make samples….both of adults and children. I decided to do one celebrity to show I can do a likeness, so I chose one that is universally known…so here is my quick sketch of Michael Jackson!


I’m no stranger to doing a portrait of this guy. I am ashamed to admit, I jumped on the bandwagon after his death and did a portrait for sale. It sold for a little over the cost of materials. I wish instead I had given it to charity. But it’s over.


Black Madonna…the finish

If you’ve already done the hard work on a drawing, the rest goes fast. Plus, I was truly inspired doing this, so I spent more of my time on it.

As I worked in it, I decided to use metallic pencil. That’s something I normally don’t do, because I always envisioned selling my work as prints. But as I did it in this, I decided to make the picture more like a medieval icon. I made her robe the blue of lapis lazuli, for instance.

I’m very pleased with this. Soon, I will be entering a juried competition, and although it costs money (something I rarely do, unless it’s free), I will be entering “Black Madonna”. I feel I have a good chance at this show, I’m familiar with the people jurying it, and they have seemed to like my work in the past.blkmdnnafinish

Royalty….at last

First a note about Scraggly Weed. As I was looking out my window, I noticed another artist was attracted to the plant on which my drawing is based. This time, a photographer, with a zoom lens, taking a close up of one of the fronds. Don’t know if he managed to capture a butterfly. Anyway, I think returning to Scraggly Weed in the winter, when summer memories are cherished, will be a good idea.

So, here’s the progress on Black Madonna. Decided to give her royal robes, but I’m thinking of ways to make them into a more interesting design.

I also aged her a bit for two reasons…, the woman in my dreams was older than this woman. The other, I’m trying to make the portrait look even less like the woman it doesn’t look like. blkmdnna1