And back again…

It  has been some time since I’ve posted.  My energies have been directed elsewhere.  For a while, all  hell broke loose with the staffing at my day job, and then of course, came the holidays.

It seemed to me that a good way to make my job more creative is to try cake-decorating, and I have started a course in that.   Actually the prospect of that distracted me from doing my regular artwork, but I’m feeling back on track.

Again, I have the feeling of wanting my art to do something constructive for the viewer.   So, I’m back in the mode of wanting to try paradise drawings.  Took me a while to decide just how to do this, but I’ve decided just to jump in.

In the meantime,  here’s something I completed in January.  It’s title was supposed to be “Memories of Summer as seen from October”, but since I didn’t complete it in October, it’s “as seen from January”.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.