It’s been a cloudy, lazy weekend.  I took advantage, and got some rest.

I have been working on Sunny Chair, though.  It’s evolving.

At one time, I used to start out a picture with an exact idea in mind of what I wanted it to look like, and work towards that.  One thing that I found, is that what works in your imagination, doesn’t necessarily translate well onto paper or canvas.

As I was working on this, for instance, I changed the color scheme to something that I thought would work better.  I thought I would continue with a lavender shadow, and bright yellow surrounding it, the way I had the picture in the sketch.   This is one example of finding something that worked better once I was in the middle of the drawing.

So here it is.  Not the best photo, it’s cloudy out.  I took the picture in incandescent light, which makes a yellow-gray cast to everything.

But, it’s evolving.




In the Place We Live 2012

Last night was the reception for the show.  It was a lot smaller than it was last year, and the AC actually worked this year!  I was delighted that the manager from my job, Dave, and his lovely wife Kelly came.

There was a lot of interesting work from local artists from Western Queens.  I thought that the theme of the show was to have work relevant to the area..evidently I was mistaken.  It was a really eclectic selection of art.

Thought I’d show some pictures…


This is the outside of Gallery M55, where the show was held.  The picture was taken before the show actually started.


Here are my two pieces hung in the little entrance hall.  The entrance hall seemed to be the place where smaller works were displayed. 

So I was not hung over the punchbowl this time.  In fact, there was no punchbowl, but in the entry was a bucket of beer, some wine, water and potato chips.

I was annoyed by one thing, though.   In the entry form I received, they said there was a size limit of 20 inches on a side, framed.  So I did not enter my more finished, larger works.  When I got to the show, I saw there were some pictures that clearly were larger than the limit.


Here is the main room of the exhibit, still early, while people started to come in.



Here’s another picture from the outside, once the show really got going.

The art at the show was all very good, I must say.  I don’t know if they’ll do it again, next year, but I’ll try to enter again.

Doing some hard work

After taking a day off, I’m hard back at work.  I’ve decided to do a large version of Sunny Chair.  This time, because it’s such a simple subject, I decided I would really work with different textures and pencil strokes to create interest.

In this work in progress, you can see I’m starting out with a technique known as circulism, something I don’t normally do.  Instead of making hash marks, you make small circles.  A lot of people use it for portraits, if done right and very delicately, it makes a good texture for skin. 

I did it a little roughly here.  I thought it would be a good way to imply the texture of the upholstery.  It’s time consuming, thank goodness for my ipod!


What is also on my mind…how to explain how satisfying doing artwork is. Often I’ll come back to work after time off, and people will ask how my weekend was.  Well, to tell you the truth, many such times I have spent hours doing artwork.  It makes for a good time for me, but it’s awful to describe as small talk with others.

My Tantrum

On Craigslist, I had a little tantrum about the naiveté of people posting.  Some think that actually only posting on Craigslist they will find a gallery (not a vanity gallery), an agent willing to work for a percentage,not an upfront fee, and a patron, in the old sense, of paying you to create with no responsibilities.

I thought some more about my tantrum, and then I realized that the folks posting these ads probably are very young, and just starting their careers.  I realize in my late teens, early twenties, I could have been the one posting those ads.  So, peace.

I don’t regret my own post.  The sooner someone told me I was living in a dream world, the sooner I would have gotten to work doing all the promotion, resume building, etc., that I am finally doing in my fifties.

I did some more work on “Sunny Chair”, and have completed the small version.  I will be doing a larger piece, too, which I have started.

Here’s the finish on the little “Sunny Chair”.  I decided to keep the colors low-key, because in bright sunlight, even the shadows have a lot of light in them.  In my remarks about the problems with photography, one is that shadows will appear black in bright sunlight, even though to the eye they don’t appear that way.




I also am pleased to announce that I will be showing some drawings at the Greenpoint Gallery small works show on  August 3rd.

The location:  390 McGuinness Blvd, 3rd Fl, Brooklyn, NY, 11222 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn near the Pulaski Bridge.


A lot of the work of an artist doesn’t make for particularly good blog posts.  For instance, yesterday, I dropped off two pictures at an art show, and put together an application for Percent for Art.  Just boring stuff I gotta do.

In the online forum I go to, they say an artist has to put in as much time on publicity as doing actual artwork.

But today, I  worked a little on the chair picture.  I’ll have to take it slow, it’s kind of a delicate drawing.  Here it is in an early stage.  The scan makes it look splotchier than it really is.  I feel I am getting the feeling of sunlight in it.


About photography

It seems to me, that it might be possible to misinterpret my stance on photography as an art form from my post “Just like a photograph”.

I consider photography to be a fine art medium, that takes skill and talent.  My feeling, is that to be a truly great photographer, is harder than being a great painter.  Make no mistake, learning all those f-stops and exposures is a real science, and it must be paired with a critical eye.

There are a couple of fine photographers whom I have the pleasure to know.  The one I’m featuring today is Rebecca Evans, of Portland, OR.  You can see her work at:Rebecca Evans Photography

I hope to show you another one tomorrow, but the man is so multi-talented that I can’t find a site just of his photographs.  Hopefully tomorrow.