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For those of you who wonder about my influences, I’d like to show you one.  This is Eyvind Earle, who did work for Disney. (When I was four, I just wanted to see “Sleeping Beauty” over and over again).  He mostly worked as an illustrator, using patterns and flat areas to create images.

Eyvind Earle

Right now, I’m starting on a larger piece in the Paradise series, but progress will be slow.  Jury duty early in the week,and a part-time job later.

Such is life

Material life had gotten in the way of producing artwork.  Right now, my time is going into cleaning this apartment (I’m a horrible housekeeper) in time for my very fussy landlord to come up and supervise the installation of double-paned windows.

Also, sitting in the house with little human contact has gotten my creativity dry…plus I need money for supplies, so I have taken a part-time job.  I hope having a bit more structure in my life will actually get me working on my artwork more, as I did when I was working at the museum.

I do have another paradise picture, and as soon as I have time, I’ll be starting a new larger one.

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