About another artist

I’d like to talk a bit about another artist…not a friend, I promise, I never met the man.

I have a habit of browsing the completed auctions on eBay.  It’s partly to see what actually sells, and also, because I just like looking at art. One of the artists I see a lot of there, is William Hawkins.His blog is at this link.

What  I like is that purposely or no, he does pictures of paradise, too.   He strongly reminds me of Maxfield Parrish, who was an artist and illustrator in the early 20th century.  Mr. Hawkins does much of the same imagery, but with a more modern, painterly approach.

So, give it a try,  click on the link, and enjoy.


Back to work and healing art

It’s been a crazy few months since I posted here…holidays, commissions, some personal letdowns and pick-me-ups.  So I’m getting back on target.

As I recall, I was working on “Almost Home”. I have completed this and have gone onto other projects.  Here’s the finish on “Almost Home”


I  have thought a lot more about the aspect of healing and art.  It occurs to me, that if a person really likes a piece of art, and in fact owns it, much time is spent in contemplating it.  The person, in a sense, lives in the painting.  If one is doing that, what is more healing than a perfect environment?

I’m beginning to study the idea of creating paradises in art, as a healing motif.

The first attempt (small, 5×7 inches).


And more to come…..

I should note, that for the time being, my actual website is not functioning properly, all you get is the first page.  I tried to redesign it with new software…only to find this problem, and others are having it, too.  So I’ve contacted technical support…hopefully all will be well, soon.