Wonder Wheel

Here’s the finish on “Wonder Wheel”. I thought about what I was drawing, and decided to go into the idea of a mandela. I made a spiral in the background to give the idea of going inwards, toward the center. As I was working on it, I decided to call it “Wonder Wheel”, because that sounds like a wonderful metaphor for the human soul.

I’m tired now, or I’d do some more artwork. I did a preliminary sketch for the next drawing, and put in the rough outlines on the 5×7 sketch. I’m going to leave it for now, don’t want to go forward with this while fatigued."Ferris Wheel"


More about healing art

Right now, Coney Island, renamed “Wonder Wheel”, is almost done, is lying face down so I can get a fresh look at it. I will post it soon.
Thinking about healing and art, I thought about just what it was I wanted to accomplish by healing. I’m thinking of a psychological, spiritual healing. And what does that look like. I think of a person who is centered, and has found wholeness of self. I think of someone who likes him or herself, and is happy.
By archetypes, I guess I’m not being specific as to Jung’s work, but any theme that has shown up repeatedly in myths and literature signifying the growth and healing of a person.
When I post the final picture of Wonder Wheel, I will explain a little more.
In the meantime, I have posted some smaller (and less expensive)prints on Zazzle.

More Coney Island and some thoughts

It seemed to me I wrote, somewhere, a whole lot about whether art could heal or not. I can’t find it, maybe it’s on Facebook (social networking gets so confusing!), but I decided not to repeat myself.

I did some soul-searching today after my stint cat sitting, and wondered just what I should do with my time. Should I go back to Reiki and healing? Is art just a vain use of time? I decided to really explore the idea, practically, of art as healer. Healing for the viewer, not just myself.

I decided that I should continue with the idea of modern archetypes. After all, if they can be healing in dreams, can’t they be in art, too? The problem is, I just don’t know how to go about it. I guess this is a question of just doing, mindfully doing, and seeing what happens.

In the meantime, I did some more work on Coney Island/Wonder Wheel. I figure I’ll finish that before I try anything else. Here’s where it stands at 4:30 pm, EDT.

"Ferris Wheel"
More Coney Island Work-in-Progress

A website for fun!

“F*** Yeah Art Student Owl”>

I’ve had a migraine today, so I’m taking it easy on using the eyes. So, I haven’t done any artwork…yet, at least. Today, I’ve been online, visiting the sites I always go to. This is one, (beware the “F” word). Although it’s about art students, and it’s been a while since I’ve been one, a lot of it still rings true to older artists. If you are an artist, you might get a kick out of reading this.

No art

Today is not a good day for doing artwork. It’s grey and cloudy, which not only affects my energy, it also makes it hard to judge color. So I did housework. However, I did add an “about” page to this blog and my website.

A hot time was had by all

Yesterday night was the opening of “In the Place We Live”, in Long Island City. I was there, along with my dear boyfriend Richard, and my good friend from Connecticut, Cathy.

There was quite a crowd of people there, and a lot of good artwork to be seen. Unfortunately, it was very hot, it’s been about 100 degrees here, and the door was constantly being opened. We didn’t stay very long because of this.

My drawing “Threshold” was placed right over the punchbowl, so I’m sure it got a good audience. This is a picture of me there, with the picture. I looked very messy because it was so damn hot!"Gallery M55"